An elementary school in the state of Wisconsin attempted one of the more unique Guinness World Records you'll ever see and it was all for a worthy cause. Not only does Red Apple Elementary School in Racine, Wisconsin, believe they broke a world record, but they also donated thousands of boxes of cereal to various food pantries and organizations in their local area.

I swear there's a Guinness World Record for just about anything and believe it or not, knocking down cereal boxes in a domino line has a place in the record books. According to CBS 58, students, staff, and teachers have been spending the past months collecting over 7,000 boxes of cereal.

This past Friday (February 3) the beginning hours of the school day were spent lining up cereal boxes throughout the school. The cereal box domino line ran up and down school steps, down hallways, and all the way through the entirety of the school's gymnasium.



Students shared with CBS58 their excitement about setting up the boxes to attempt the world record.

9-year-old Zeaira Thomas said, "I think I set up 100 boxes, probably?" 4th Grader Sam said he was "nervous someone would knock one over and they would have to restart" and 5th grader Brandon knew it was going to be an exciting day. He said, "I knew that a lot of people were excited today because everybody on the balcony was screaming."

One of the best parts about this world record attempt is all of the cereal that will be donated throughout the community. According to CBS58, Kelly-Johnson has been a teacher at Red Apple Elementary for 32 years and she said she thought it was awesome the kids are learning to help their community.

“For them to realize that they are using it and it’s going to their community and possibly to some of them, when the families go to those food banks, I think is awesome."

The school has yet to find out if their attempt will be a new record but they should find out in the new few weeks.

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