Spoiler alert... Michael Phelps is really good at swimming and so are his USA teammates.

Phelps won gold in his last race in Rio and what could potentially be his last race ever in the Olympics.

He was swimming the third leg of the men's 4.100 medley relay that the U.S. men won in a Olympic record time.

Great Britain finished second and took home the silver with Australia coming in third and grabbing bronze.


In addition to Phelps, Ryan Murphy swam the backstroke, Cody Miller the breaststroke, and Nathan Adrian swam last in the freestyle leg.

Phelps record number medal count now sits at 23 Olympic gold medals in 30 Olympic career races.

He was very emotional after the race concluded and reiterated to the media that this was truly his final race as an Olympian.

In total in Rio, the United States has won 33 medals in the pool which is the most since Sydney in 2000 in which they won 33.