AC/DC and Kiss are among the seven loudest rock bands of all time, according to a study by a website called Get Licensed. The study claims that a “standard rock band” plays at 110 decibels, while all the groups on the list have played at 117 dB or higher.

One has to wonder if Get Licenced was set up at the Sioux Falls Arena on June 3, 1989 when Metallica hit the stage - a concert that left ears ringing the next day all over the Sioux Empire - it would have certainly peaked over 110 decibels. At least it felt like it. When you're in row 11 and your shirt is fluttering with the bass I'm pretty sure it's up there. The same happened in May of 1992 - and will happen again on September 11, 2018.

In the Number Five slot was Deep Purple at 117 dB, while The Who landed at Number Four with 126 dB. AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Motorhead were in a three-way tie at Number Three with 130 dB, while Kiss secured the Number Two spot by playing at 136 dB.

The top honors went to longtime cult metal act Manowar - reportedly in the Guinness Book of World Records - as the loudest band in the world at 139 dB.

If you ever question the enthusiasm of Beatles fans from concerts past, wonder no more as they made the chart with over 131 decibels with their historic concert at Shea Stadium.

That record is no longer measured by Guinness to avoid people suffering hearing loss while attempting to break the record.

Although it's not exactly the most "metal" thing to do, remember to always wear ear protection when seeing bands perform live. Your ears will thank you down the road.

You can check out the loudest events of all-time here with a nifty interactive chart.


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