A group of about 40 parents from the Menno South Dakota school district met with school officials about and a student who they say was threatening fellow students.  According to KSFY reporter Erika Leigh, parents claim a student concerned others by drawing a cemetery with students names on headstones, and a note saying that the Florida shooter didn't do it right, and a different gun would be used than the Florida shooter an AR 45, rather than an AR15.

Families were notified by an e-mail Sunday night (February 18) saying that there was no threat and the situation would continue to be monitored.

Of the families who attended the meeting with school officials, several said their questions remained unanswered.  Their concerns also mirror the fact that the FBI did not follow up on concerns brought to their attention from the Florida shooter.

Several families have chosen to keep their kids at home until they are confident the situation has been resolved.

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