You know you're in a massive hail storm when your gutters seem to turn into a snow machine. That's exactly what happened this week during a storm in Manteno, Illinois.

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The homeowner shared this video with a quick backstory:

The hailstorm in this video was a result of a storm front that hovered over my home for an hour or so on May 7, 2023.

I can't recall ever seeing hail falling in this amount this quickly.

This hail storm in Manteno, Illinois was one of many reports covered by the National Storm Prediction Center. Their map shows the many tornadoes that were produced as a result of this storm and massive hail in many places.

Storm Prediction Center
Storm Prediction Center

Dime, quarter and gumball-sized hail was reported in many Midwestern cities during this severe weather event. A grand total of 167 hail reports from just one storm is incredible.

A driver near Auburn, Illinois shared video of what happened to their windshield when they were caught in this May 7, 2023 storm.

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