Here we go---again.

A massive brawl broke out at a Golden Corral restaurant and now police are trying to identify those who took part in this fight.

The disturbance reportedly took place in a Golden Corral restaurant in Pennsylvania and it all started when there was a steak shortage on the buffet line.

Yes, folks reportedly did this when they found out that there'd be no more steak on the buffet after some elected to cut in front of others waiting. As you can see below, this fight got ugly quickly.


While some patrons were running for cover, others elected to throw chairs and tables in the restaurant and now we have reports of some employees being injured in this brawl.

This isn't the first time we see this type of behavior in a public restaurant. I do ask, when will this ever stop?

So many innocent people were put in harm's way because someone couldn't get their way, and that is what makes this type of situation so sad.

It is estimated that nearly 40 people took part in the fight here and it started when one party cut in front of another and started to be picky about the steak selection on the buffet.

Check out this unfortunate situation from the restaurant in Pennsylvania.

One person who watched this video made a good point, will this type of behavior in restaurants discourage some from wanting to work in such establishments? Great point!


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