Niagara Falls  is one of the most  stunning, beautiful and majestic places in North America. Well now the town has just build one of the largest elevated go-kart tracks.

Dubbed Niagara Speedway at Clifton Hill fun park in Niagara Falls, Ontario, this massive track can have up to 36 go-karts can race on the track at any given time. The tracks tallest point is approximately 40 Feet high. About 300 tons of steel was welded together to put this track together.

According to, Harry Oakes, President of HOCO Limited says, "It's like go-karts on steroids, you drive on a road course for a portion of the race and then spiral up to about 40 feet, and then come down a long hill, kind of like the way a wooden coaster would be."

The speedway is set to open on Friday June 1, 2018 pending on the weather.


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