If you are cringing every time you see a gas price sign in Sioux Falls, you are not alone. But don't despair, the cost should be going down soon. And where is the cheapest gas in Sioux Falls?

According to AAA, the average price for gas in Sioux falls has now cracked $2.70 per gallon, the highest price since August of 2019. One week ago the average price was $2.67 per gallon, and one month ago it was just $2.36. One year ago, right before COVID kicked off, the average price was $2.33 per gallon.

“Barring hurricane season, March may bring the most expensive pump prices of 2021,” said Marilyn Buskohl, AAA spokesperson in a press release. “While the month is roaring in like a lion, by the end of it we could see some relief at the pump as refineries resume normal operations, especially if crude oil prices show signs of stability.”

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Lower prices are just what we need as well. The average statewide for regular unleaded gas is, like its largest city, at $2.70 per gallon. One week ago it was $2.59 and a month ago it was $2.38. While that price might sound bad for an average, that just means it is higher than that somewhere. In Harding County, the northwestern-most county in the state has an average price of $3.00.

The cheapest gas in Sioux Falls is scattered around pretty good. Costco is the cheapest at $2.51, followed by Casey's on Benson Road on the north end of town for $2.59 per gallon, and the Holiday at 1927 W 57th Street is also $2.59 per gallon.

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