A reddit user who goes by Ooosh-E posted a map of the best selling artists by the state they were born in.

It was not a surprise that Prince was tops in Minnesota. But others were a bit surprising. Madonna was the best seller born in Michigan, beating out Bob Seger and the Red Hot Chili Peppers (Anthony Kiedis and Chad Smith were born there).

Metallica was tops in California and Andy Williams was the best selling singer born in Iowa.

South Dakota, North Dakota, and Nebraska, along with eleven other states, didn't have anyone on the list.

It got me thinking about who the top selling musical act, born in South Dakota, would be the top seller in the state?

Would it be Janitor Bob and the Armchair Cowboys? They sold a lot of CDs back in the 1990's. Or could it be Kory and the Fireflies? Soulcrate had a huge one-day spike on iTunes. Could it be them? The I remembered The Spill Canvas. They had a major label hit back in 2007.

After some research I found out who is likely the best selling artist born in South Dakota, who has a bit more national and worldwide fame. She even won three Grammy awards.

Shawn Colvin would be the name on the map for South Dakota. She was born in Vermillion in 1956. While I did not find any hard numbers for records sold, I'm guessing she would be the best seller born in South Dakota. Her 1996 album A Few Small Repairs peaked at #39 on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart and "Sunny Came Home" was a number one hit.