It's time for fireworks! July 4th is upon us. Thousands of people around Sioux Falls (and a bunch of my neighbors) will be setting off fireworks in the annual celebration. Have fun, but be safe.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission did a demonstration of what not to do with fireworks and mannequins. And by demonstration I mean they tied and taped various fireworks to clothed mannequins to show what happens when you torture mannequins with fireworks. (It's almost as if they aren't alive.)

I'm not anti-safety. I absolutely hope everyone is as safe as can be when setting off their fireworks. But some of the demonstrations in this video are a bit silly when you watch the mannequins sit still and not move. I guess if they had moved that would be more silly, watching a mannequin try to run away from a bottle rocket.

In the first demo on the video, a sparkler is held in the hand of one little girl mannequin while the other stands there and has her dress slowly charred.

The second demo shows what happens when a mannequin uses a string to guide a whistling bottle rocket into the eyeball of another mannequin.

They also used some really big professional fireworks to vaporize a couple of watermelon and decapitate a couple more mannequins.

I guess the lesson is be safe with fireworks. And your mannequins.

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