One man. One mission: Eat 100 ounces of food in 60 minutes. It's a challenge most humans would shy away from. But not Randy Santel. He wants to take on the 100 Ounce 'Gorilla Dumpster' Food Challenge at Urban Chislic in Sioux Falls on Monday, May 17.

He seems to have the drive - and the experience. This will be Santel's 984th food challenge and has competed in all 50 states.

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According to Urban Chislic's Facebook page, a huge amount of food will be delivered to Santel's table at 6:00 P.M. So what would 100 ounces of food look like? Well, it kind of lives up to its name of the 'Gorilla Dumpster Challenge'. Picture this: The crew at Urban Chislic will wheel out 6 1/4 pounds of beef, lamb, chicken, and pork chislic, poured over kettle chips. A double order of french fries, another double order of cheese curds, and toss in 8 different sauces.

This isn't Santel's first run in Sioux Falls, either. In the last few years he's taken the The Keg Chicken’s “Yard Bird” challenge featuring two whole chickens and a pound of french fries. He also took on the Boss’ Pizza and Chicken “Boss Hog 28-inch Pizza Challenge,” according to the Associated Press.

In addition to the food challenge, Randy will be signing autographs, take photos with fans, and sell T-shirts as well.

Urban Chislic is located at 431 W. 85th Street. Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Good luck, Randy!

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