Breakups can be extremely tough, especially when you live together and share children. One woman shared her heartbreak after her husband ended their relationship but refused to leave their home.

The mom-of-two took to parenting forum Mumsnet explaining that ever since she and her husband split up "many months ago," the man hasn't been fulfilling his responsibilities as a father.

"[He] said that he felt that we had grown apart and that he didn’t want ‘family life’ — and would be better on his own," she wrote in her post. "This has left me devastated as I didn’t suspect anything was wrong so it has come as a complete shock."

The woman was still "completely in love" with her husband and couldn't "imagine a life without him" when he blindsided her.

"However, since saying what he did, he has remained in the family home and just continued to make me feel awful," she continued. "Just comes home late from work every night and doesn’t contribute to helping with the children (although he barely ever has!)."

She noted her ex has had "numerous hotel stays on his own," barely engages in conversation with her and never "wants to do anything as a family."

"I am utterly broken by it," she wrote. "No one can understand it as we have had such a happy marriage and I truly believe I’ve been a good wife which he doesn’t disagree with."

She added that she's tried to work things out for them, but he's put in zero effort, even refusing to acknowledge her birthday.

"I can't kick him out as we share a home and he says he has no money to stay anywhere else. I just feel like I’m stuck in a house with a man I’m desperate to love me but is clearly never going to and it’s destroying me," she continued, adding she recently had to take three weeks off from work due to stress.

In the comments, users tried to reason with the heartbroken woman, suggesting she seek legal advice and that her husband possibly has another woman on the side.

"You'll never feel better or move on as long as he lives with you. He's using you, coming and going as he pleases and treating you like utter s--t. Take control, it will honestly make you feel better in the long run," one person wrote.

"Numerous hotel stays on his own? Sorry, but sounds like he has another woman," another speculated.

"Other woman. Check his phone," someone else commented.

"Seek legal advice and start divorce proceedings," another user shared.

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