This was disturbing to watch.

A man who was in police custody in 2021 caught fire after police had to use their taser to subdue to man.

Now, the New York Attorney General's Office is reportedly looking into the death of 29-year-old Jason Jones.

As seen on the surveillance video, while police were trying to talk to Jones while he was in custody, he poured hand sanitizer over much of his body.

Well, when it came time to tase him, a spark from the taser ignited the hand sanitizer that was all over Jones and he caught fire.

You can see police rush out of the room while Jones' upper portion of his body is on fire, and that's what has many questioning the police here.


Why did police run from this man while he was on fire? That is what the Attorney General will be asking and hope to find out as this investigation plays out.

Medical personnel does arrive on the scene and you can see Jones being taken out of the room where the incident happened.

Jones was in ICU for 45 days but succumbed to his injuries on December 15, 2021.

According to reports, police detained Jones after he was asked to leave a bar, but did not.

I'll warn you again, the video of this unfortunate incident below may be DISTURBING to some.



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