The Malibu brand is generally known for its sweet, coconut-flavored rum.  But now it's about to join the hard seltzer trend that's taking over the nation.

"Malibu Splash" is the newest at-ready sparkling beverage for any party on or off the beach.  Staying with their signature coconut flavor, the new seltzer features the summer flavors of "Strawberry & Coconut," "Pineapple & Coconut," "Lime & Coconut," and "Passion Fruit & Coconut."  The 12-ounce cans will be "slimmer" and ready for any coolers or backpacks!

According to a review from Totally the Bomb,  Malibu Splash might be similar to a wine cooler.  The article states, "This beverage will be “slightly” sparkling, have an essence of coconut, and natural flavors. It is MALT BEVERAGE, so it might have that wine cooler-type flavor in the background."  I guess you'll have to try it for yourself, and you can be the judge!

The makers of “Malibu Splash”, United States Beverage is just one of many companies like Natural Light and Smirnoff that has created a hard seltzer drink.

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