Have you ever paid attention to the way you talk to yourself?

For most people the things we say to ourselves about ourselves are not very encouraging.

Not only are most the self statements not encouraging they are usually very negative, and straight up defeating.

I think it was Earl Nightingale who said something to the effect of the mind being like a field, and how it will grow something. It has no preference as to what it is, but it's job is to grow thoughts.

If it's going to grow something we might as well weed out the junk we don't want to grow.

Cleaning up our thoughts is easier said than done as some of the things have been growing a long time.

Some negative seeds where scattered there when we were kids, and have taken root and continue to grow.

Some thoughts have grown for so long we make the mistake of believing those thoughts that started as statements from others are actually our own.

Most people would never allow anyone to talk to someone they love in such a negative way. But a lot of us talk to ourselves this way.

Lots of us spend way too much life criticizing ourselves for the way we look, how much we weigh, and use up valuable energy pushing negativity.

In the above video is something my Bulldog taught me about the way we judge ourselves physically.

Life is to short to go through it not being nice to the person you will spend the most time with. You.



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Gimme A Kiss

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