Sending an email and not getting a response can leave you feeling somewhat rejected. If your emails are going out there in what seems to be la la land, maybe you need to change how you're doing them.

The experts have done a study for you, and I would like to share some of their key findings. The one thing that really stands out to be aware of is how you start your email.

If you begin your subject with a lower case letter, the response rate drops to 28 percent.

Also, it's very important to slow down and double check your email before sending it. A typo can kill everything. When the recipient sees a typo that you didn't have the courtesy to correct, they don't feel giving you courtesy in return.

So what is the worst day to send an email? The answer is Monday. That's the day that you may not have the friendliest tone in your writings, plus recipients are still trying to get in the groove of working.

And finally here's the best tip of all. Emails between 50 and 125 words are the most likely to get a response. And emails with subject lines that are three to four words are most likely to be opened.

Source: Radio Online

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