In light of the five to six inches of snow received overnight in Sioux Falls, Gaylynn Huber of Sioux Falls Streets says his crews have been on the job since midnight.

Huber tells KSOO Radio:  "right now, we have all our motor graders and all of our contract motor graders working.  I have a support sander running behind each one of them.   We have kept the emergency routes driveable.  We are also working the secondaries so we can get people to work this morning.  There is a considerable amount of snow.  That's what we are currently doing right now.  Emergency routes are looking pretty decent.  We started getting into the secondary roads as best we can."

If you plan to drive this morning, Huber urges you to use caution.  "Use common sense.  If you get to an emergency snow route, it's very driveable.  There are still branches and power lines laying around.  If you are driving, there are lots of obstacles out there.  Take your time and be prepared.  Carry warm clothing in your car just in case you get stalled."