The ride-share app Lyft is offering free rides on Election Day. The company has partnered up with, TurboVote and Vote Latino to make it easier for many voters to get to the polls.

In a blog post, Lyft said that an estimated 15 million people were registered but didn’t vote in 2016 because of transportation issues. The 50% rides will be offered across the country and free rides will be served to underserved communities that face significant obstacles to transportation. Lyft also plans to send push notifications and other reminders to users encouraging them to vote.

According to the website techcrunch.comthe Pew Research Center says that 46 percent of nonvoters have incomes under $30,000 compared with 19 percent of likely voters. And 43 percent of people unlikely to cast ballots are Hispanic, African American or other minorities, which is double the percentage among likely voters.

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