Now that Sioux Falls is super cool and has both Lyft and Uber, I have a few ways for you to save money on the ride share apps.

  • Always check prices on both apps. Comparison shopping is great for everything. Honestly, I figured I already have the Lyft app, why get Uber? But this makes a lot of sense. Ya never know when you might save a few bucks.
  • Walk instead. I know, I know, the whole point is to get a ride, but in order to save some money it might be worth it. Both apps have base pricing so if it is a short distance it might be better to just walk.
  • Carpool option! If you're not in a hurry the carpool option is great. And sometimes you luck out and you're the only one getting a ride so you pay a cheaper rate and still ride alone. Win/win!
  • If you are an avid Lyft or Uber user maybe a subscription would be worth it.
    • Uber's Ride Pass is $25 a month, and you get up to 15% off per ride.  Plus 'Ride Protection,' where the price gets locked in once you book.
    • Lyft's cheapest plan is $15 a month, and you get 10% off each ride.  So if you spend $150 a month on rides, it would be worth it. They also have one that costs $190 a month, where you get $8 off 30 rides. If your ride's less than $8, it's free.

CNET has more about Uber and Lyft pricing here.



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