Winning $1 million in a lottery might be enough for some people to say enough is enough and quit while they are ahead, but not for a man from Florida.

Munib Garvanovic has hit two Florida Lottery jackpots in three years, the most recent is a $5 million haul from a scratch-off ticket. Garvanovic's first win was for $1 million from a different scratch-off game.

Garvanovic, from Jacksonville, told Florida Lottery officials that he bought a 200x The Cash scratch-off ticket from the same Gate convenience he has been going to for years.

"Every November I play my favorite scratch-off games because I feel it brings me extra luck," Garvanovic told Florida Lottery officials. "This is the second time in three years that this store has made me a winner!"

Garvanovic chose to receive his winnings as a one-time lump sum payment of $4,450,000.00. There was no report on how much Garvnonvic will take home after Uncle Sam gets his cut. There was also no report on how much of Garvnonvic's original $1 million prize went back into playing the lottery.

The Gate store that has brought Garvanovic so much luck has hit a little luck itself as it was awarded a $10,000 bonus commission check.

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