Being a pet owner entitles you to many things in life. You've got the joy and companionship that your pet brings you, frustration at times, and then ultimately sadness when they pass. One Central Minnesota woman is sharing kindness as a way to remember her dog Mason, that passed away yesterday. The kindness being shown is pup cups and small coffees for those that stop at Caribou on Lincoln, while her gift card donation lasts.

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Lea Ristow, recently shared on a community page on social media, that her dog Mason had passed away, and as a way to give back and share the joy she got to experience with Mason, she bought a $50 gift card and left it at the Caribou Coffee off Lincoln Ave in order for the people to enjoy a pup cup and small coffee with their furry friend in remembrance of Mason.

We lost our sweet boy yesterday morning. He loved coming with mom on adventures and to get some pup cups! I have placed a $50 gift card at the Caribou Coffee at 310 Lincoln Ave SE Suite 1, St Cloud. I asked for them to use that card for the first people to come in after seeing this post who come grab a pup cup with their dog and a small coffee drink. (It will obviously be first come, first served.) Please bring your pups out this morning for a fun drive and a sweet treat in memory of our Mason.


Once the card is empty that's it, but maybe you keep this act of kindness and remembrance going, and donate your own card to keep it going.

As a pet owner, of one dog and two cats, I know eventually my wife and I will have to say goodbye, and after seeing what Lea has done to remember Mason, I might just have to do something similar.

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