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Comparing $1.2 Million Houses in Sioux Falls and Los Angeles

The real estate market has gone crazy. Prices have skyrocketed over the last few years. That $100,000 house in 2018 is going to cost you three times as much in 2023 in Sioux Falls.

While Sioux Falls may be expensive, it's nothing compared to our friends in California, where simple single-family houses routinely go on sale for a million dollars or more.

We wanted to compare a million-dollar house in Sioux Falls with one in Los Angeles. So, we dug into Realtor and found a nice, modest house in the heart of LA, in a basic residential neighborhood that is for sale at the price of $1,200,000.

Then we found a house for sale in Sioux Falls for $1,200,000.

Take a look at what 1.2 million will get you in CA versus SD:


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