Okay, so the Vikings beat up on the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday. Before anyone gets too excited you should slow your roll.

Yeah, Fumble Cousins managed to not fumble, he threw 22 of 29 for 333 yards, 4 TDs and a pick. But don't give him Fran Tarkenton's #10 just yet. Because I don't think he all of a sudden learned how to play quarterback so well, to not hang on to the ball so freaking long that he doesn't get crushed by a defensive behemoth.

I think this is a total fluke. Cousins lit up a terrible secondary on an otherwise decent defense. There is still lots of time for him to screw this up, and I'm sure traveling to Detroit next week he'll return to form.

If you are one of those people who will no doubt post the Cousins "You like that!" gif and talk about how wonderful he actually is in spite of the naysayers, just remember he is the same guy who laid an egg against the Bears just two weeks ago, fumbled six times int he first four games, and threw the worst interception I've seen a Vikings quarterback threw since Brett Favre against the Saints in the NFC Championship ten years ago.

I still miss Case Keenum.

You Like That

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