Okay, now I'm actually and nervous and have the feeling I have to pee when I think about the Minnesota Vikings and this postseason. I'm officially on Team Fumble Cousins. I won't stop using the nickname "Fumble" because Kirk does fumble more than average, but he's a freaking stud and I'm on board.

That's why I get the nervous piddles when I think about the Vikings and the playoffs this year.

The Denver Broncos have a good defense. And they were embarrassing the Purple at home for two quarters. They are good but, more importantly, they are resilient. They were down 20-0 and I thought they were screwed. The first half wasn't Cousins' fault, they were crapping the bed in every phase of the game. They were outplayed and outcoached for a half. Then halftime came and the game changed. They came charging back late in the third and fourth quarters. The defense survived and underwear-soiling drive that ended with an incomplete pass in the right corner of the end zone.

As for Cousins, he's a stud. Really. He threw two long touchdowns in this game and both times he was on the sideline with a hat on five seconds after the ball crossed the goal line. It was just doing work, heading back the break room after a shift on the floor. No rah-rah goofy celebration B.S., just quarterbacking.

I'm in. Skol.

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