I am fascinated by the lonely shoe. Somehow, someway, a lonesome shoe loses its twin and partner and sits lonely by itself along a road somewhere.

On Monday I flew home from Denver. While walking to my truck in the long term parking lot I found a shoe. Though this shoe was missing its mate it was not lonely. It was joined by a pair of jeans and shirt. Stalking the incomplete outfit nearby was a gray shirt and what appeared to be a black hoodie.

The shoe and all of the clothing was sitting right in the middle of the aisle. How it ended up there I have no idea. My best guess is it was pulled from a suitcase to look for something wanted for the ride home in the car and was left on top of the vehicle and subsequently lost.

Or maybe they were trying to escape the airport like Woody and Jessie in Toy Story 2.

I was torn on what I should do. Bring it inside the airport to lost and found (if it exists) or leave it so that the loser of the items might find them. I left it because I figured whoever it belonged to might have an easier time finding it if it was where it was lost. And, honestly, I just wanted to get home. (I look forward to Internet criticism of my inaction and apathy to save the lost stuff.)

Andy Erickson
Andy Erickson

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