Here's an update that we are proud to report on a story I published on Tuesday. We had the story of Beresford, South Dakota farmer Jed Olbertson, organizing help for those devastated by wildfires in other states.

It was a great story. He was asking other farmers to join him in donating hay for those livestock producers left without feed for their cattle.

Well, the story gets greater. In just days, several farmers have come forward are there are already truckloads of hay on the way to Colorado and Kansas. Some has arrived at Ashland in Southwest Kansas.

Ranchers in Texas alone are facing at least $21 million in agricultural damages from wildfires that blackened more than 750 square miles.

When the call for help went out, our local farmers were quick to respond. One farmer in Garretson, South Dakota put together six truckloads destined for Colorado.

The Capital Journal reported that one trucker from Colorado, delivered hay to a family who had lost everything except for their vehicles and some cattle that had sought refuge in a pond as fire engulfed the ranch.

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