Here's a neat story of farmers helping fight hunger in South Dakota. It's all about getting it from the farm to the Food Pantry.

Nutrient-rich dairy foods are one of the most requested and least donated items within the food bank system. To help address this need, the dairy community has partnered with Feeding South Dakota in multiple ways, to help ensure all South Dakotans have access to dairy foods throughout the year.

During June National Dairy Month, $1296 was raised at two dairy farm open house events. These funds were presented to Feeding South Dakota Thursday (8/8) at the Agriculture United for South Dakota’s annual meeting that took place at Feeding South Dakota’s Distribution Center in Sioux Falls.

2019 Ag United
Feeding South Dakota

Local dairy farmers are passionate about opening their doors to the public so that consumers can experience dairy’s journey from farm to fridge and learn more about where their milk comes from. Along with a tour of the farm, the open houses included a free meal where donations were collected for Feeding South Dakota.

“Feeding South Dakota is grateful to Ag United and the entire dairy community for their continued support of the work being done in South Dakota to end hunger,” says Jennifer Stensaas, Communications Coordinator.

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