Meet one of my new favorite artists, Lindsey Stirling. She is a 26 year old violinist that is creating magic and expanding the sound of her instrument. She is sometimes called The Dubstep Violinists for the way she merges the sounds of EDM with her violin playing. And at a time when many in old media are afraid of the digital reality, she is embracing digital to build her musical empire using YouTube and social media.

I discovered Lindsey when I noticed that her self-titled, self-released debut album was on both the Billboard Classical and Dance/Electronic albums charts. That seemed like an interesting combination to me. So I did a quick search and found my way into the Lindsey Stirling Universe.

Along with her album she has two YouTube Channels that are the heart of her work. On LindseyStomp are her music videos and on LindseyTime is other original content and videos connecting directly with people. Lindsey has about 874,000 Facebook fans and 141,000 Twitter followers. She has sold over 100,000 copies of her album and is on a sold out European tour. She just started working with Lady Gaga's manager as well.

I have been listing to her album almost non-stop since I got it and cannot believe how good it is. I especially like the songs Crystallize and Elements. The little bit of a hard edge of the dubstep inspired beats empower to the warm violin sound to reach mystical levels. The parts come together to create a mature, classically infused modern sound. The sound of the 21 century.

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