Lil Xan and girlfriend Annie Smith are being accused of sharing fake ultrasound photos of their unborn child.

The couple announced their pregnancy on Instagram early this month, less than six months after the rapper split from Noah Cyrus. Last week, Smith shared an ultrasound photo in a vlog on her YouTube channel, called "FIRST BABY PICTURES!!" In the video, she alleges that she's about nine weeks along before scrolling through a series of ultrasound pictures saved on her phone. Lil Xan appears in the vlog briefly to joke about how the baby resembles him.

"This is our baby, these are the first photos we've got of the baby," Smith says in the video. "I went to the doctor's yesterday for a different reason, and they ended up...checking up on the baby, and we found out we were a little bit further along than we thought...this is the baby at nine weeks."

Fans flooded the comments section with congratulatory messages, but by Monday the tone of the conversation changed. Fans and gossip blogs began to speculate that the ultrasound photos were fake. Many noted a similarity between the images shown in the vlog and ones that appear at the top of Google Images when you search "week 9 ultrasound."

An Instagram account called Xanarchy Tea posted the pulled Google photos side-by-side with the photos Smith showed on YouTube. They claimed the "photos literally line up perfectly."

The speculation has led some to believe that the couple may be faking the pregnancy all together. Lil Xan and Smith are being slammed for the controversy. They have not addressed the drama, but did shut off commenting on Smith's YouTube video. They've also disabled comments on recent Instagram posts.

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