Lighting Up Sioux Falls was a breath of fresh air in the middle of staying home during the coronavirus pandemic.

The video was published this morning that was put together by Storybuilt Media with video taken from drones and a helicopter. People were encouraged to turn on lights at their homes, flashlights, Christmas lights, anything that would brighten the night. Thousands of people went outside at 9:00 pm last night to shine a light to celebrate those who are working hard on the response to the pandemic.

My family headed outside to partake in the fun. It seemed like an exciting event, anticipating a helicopter or drone to fly over at any second while the kids ran around trying to perfect the lights, flashlight, and glowsticks they wanted to have out on display for the cameras. But alas, the helicopter never flew over our house. We heard it but never saw it. It would have been pretty tough for them to fly over every single neighborhood in town. I'm sure our flashlights are in there somewhere, and it wasn't the point for us to get on the video, it was about being #OneSiouxFalls, and we were part of that last night.

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