This morning we were talking about "life hacks," those little tricks you can use to make life simpler, better, or sometimes cheaper.

My wife and I like drinking bottled water. We don't drink it from a bottle because it tastes better, we just like the container. It has a sealed cap to keep our little ones from spilling it, and it's portable. But we don't buy very much of it. We just reuse the bottles we bought by filling them with tap water and stick them in the fridge. Plus this is environmentally friendly. When the bottles get trashed or just old, we throw them in the recycling bin.

Here are some life hacks we got from our listeners:

  • How to peel boiled eggs all you have to do is shake them around inside a metal pot and the peels will come right off it only takes about 30 seconds Of shaking the pot and you can peel 3 or 4 eggs at once.
  • Freeze grapes to chill wine without watering it down
  •  For iPhone users, if you lock yourself out of your phone by forgetting your passcode and have already used up all of your tries and you have to wait five minutes, an hour, two hours etc. plug it in to your computer and launch your iTunes and re-name your iPhone something else. This will reset all of your tries and you'll get five more before you have to wait five minutes. If you use those up, do it again.
  • When you make cookies and place them into a container to eat later they usually get hard. Place a slice of bread in the container with them to keep the cookies soft.
  • When you fry an egg use an onion to make a ring to keep the egg in a circle. When you're done you can throw the onion away or eat it if you like onions.
  • I struggle with what to make for dinner more than I'll admit but I found a website that has you enter the ingredients you have & it shows you the meals you can make & how! Life saver!
  • Homemade fruit fly trap! Put apple juice, vinegar, a little dish soap and a piece of fruit in a jar with a funnel made out of paper sticking out! Works so well!!
  • You can use shampoo to get blood out of bed sheets...don't ask (WTF?!?!)

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