Liam Payne has officially added his name to the list of celebrities who are openly and explicitly in support of trans human rights. With an Instagram post earlier today, Payne quoted Thomas Jefferson and hashtagged the image "lgbtqrights."

Payne's support comes as part of the recent flood of support for trans people following President Donald Trump's declaration — via Twitter, and apparently without taking the extra old-fashioned step of consulting his staff first — that transgender citizens will no longer be allowed to enlist in the military. Though the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff insist that there will be no change in the military's enlistment tactics until an official piece of legislation is passed, Trump's tweets are nonetheless a codification of hate towards trans people. It sets a dangerous precedent for whimsical lawmaking from one's own phone.

That, of course, provides ample opportunity for everyone with a platform to make sure everyone else knows that they're a great ally. So great that they wave rainbow flags during Pride Month and are very, very against this nonsensical announcement. Even Senator John McCain can try to win some brownie points. Not as many as Payne, and certainly not as many as James Corden's musical routine, but some.

Thomas Jefferson #lgbtqrights

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