Throwing a rooftop party complete with models and a fleet of luxury cars? Pretty foreign to us, but for Liam Payne and J. Balvin, it's all too familiar.

The One Direction export and Colombian-born Reggaeton star, who released "Familar" in April, just dropped the official video Friday morning (May 4), and the treatment finds the guys surrounded by girls as they move to the beat, awash in the city's lights.

"Your waistline, the bassline (bass) / In real life, don't wanna no FaceTime / 'Cause great minds, they think just the same (hey, yeah) / You're shaped like vibrato / A model or some kind of bottle / Well, pour up 'cause I want a taste (a taste, oh)," Payne croons across the second verse.

And fans are already into the song's visuals.

"Even though I knew the lyrics, I couldn't bear to sing it with them. I didn't want to interrupt God's voice," one fan wrote in the video's YouTube comments section, while another noted "Liam is amazing he keeps coming in with bop after bop we love a king."

Payne told The Evening Standard in March that the song is a signal of where he hopes his career will go, and that he's interested in taking things in an edgier direction.

"At the moment I’m really fortunate because the sound that I’m into is getting really popular in America with the way that hip hop is," he said. "I’m starting to have more fun. There was a real phase of keeping my head down, and now I’m thinking, 'Why am I buying all these flash chains and nice clothes if I’m not going to stand with my head up and be proud of who I’ve become?'"

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