You guys, maybe it is just the boredom, but I actually get a kick out of these mugs!

So much so that this is the third collection of mug pictures that I am sharing with you! To see previous mugs click here.

At first, I tried to ask for only pictures of mugs from someplace else. You know, the souvenir mugs from where you have traveled. I also had the idea for a collection of less than perfect mugs. I have one I put in the dishwasher because I forgot it was not dishwasher safe. Oops. But who am I kidding, I just like seeing all the fun mugs.

I have realized I only have a couple of fun mugs, all my other ones are just black. Boring! I have to up my mug game.

So, without further ado, here is the third (but probably not final) collection of fun coffee mugs!

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