On National Waffle Day, I am going to choose an off-beat way to celebrate. The family that eats waffles together, stays together.

As a breakfast choice, waffles ranks in my top 3 along with biscuits/gravy and corn bread. Additionally it is a way to needle my brothers-in-law and vice-versa.

Since marrying into a wonderful family, I have reached the honored status of favorite and only son-in-law. Thus any excuse can be made that when our family makes the trip back to their farm, waffles will soon be consumed.

These aren’t just any waffle of the frozen variety or a mix from the box. I’m talking recipe from scratch with a heavy dose of butter within the batter edition.

If Sam, Joe and Dan are all home, waffles are coming along with an egg casserole and some bacon, too. The unfortunate side is if two of the three are in attendance, chances are real good for the same routine. What really salts the wound is when just one of the three are present, it takes a little more sweet-talking to get Sherry in the kitchen.

Of course, that last favored situation is trumpeted on social media with the appropriate tags. “I get waffles and you don’t,” juvenile hijinks is the idea here.

Happy National Waffle Day. It’s just one day closer until the next wafflefest in my mother-in-law’s kitchen.

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