There's no way around it - moms can be some of the biggest germaphobes you'll ever encounter. They're always worried about what their kids will touch; will they put their dirty hands into their mouths or eyes?

But there's new evidence out claiming exposing kids to dirt may actually be good for them.

The authors of the new book Let Them Eat Dirt say parents are actually hurting their kids by not letting them get dirty.

"By not exposing them to certain germs and microbes at a young age, what we're doing is actually harming their immune system."

And, according to the authors, all that could eventually add up to a greater chance of allergies, diabetes, and even obesity in our kids.

The scientists behind the book also recommend not freaking out when your newborn's pacifier falls on the floor - or if the family dog licks their face.

They say one of the best ways to get those microbes into your kids is to let them play in the dirt - while barefoot.

Still, it's hard not to want to protect your kids from germs.

Source: ABC News Radio

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