Kylie Minogue continues twirling into the disco-hued country-pop of "Dancing" with "Stop Me from Falling," the Australian pop icon's second single off forthcoming album Golden.

Released Friday (March 9), "Stop Me from Falling" kicks off with a twangy guitar riff similar to "Dancing," but while "Dancing" rushes headfirst towards a big, glittery EDM breakdown on the chorus, "Stop Me from Falling" plays it a little lighter, keeping its cowboy boots grounded in upbeat, knee-slapping barnyard country.

While "Dancing" was about going out with a bang and embracing life, "Stop Me from Falling" captures the butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling of falling head over heels for someone.

"Should have seen the warning signs, now we’re running out of time," Minogue sings on the bright chorus. "Kinda want to cross the line, stop me from falling for you."

Listen below:

Check out the full track list for Golden, released April 6 on BMG, below:
1. "Dancing"
2. "Stop Me From Falling"
3. "Golden"
4. "A Lifetime to Repair"
5. "Sincerely Yours"
6. "One Last Kiss"
7. "Live a Little"
8. "Shelby '68"
9. "Radio On"
10. "Love"
11. "Raining Glitter"
12. "Music's Too Sad Without You" (with Jack Savoretti)

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