Have you seen the strange ball ad on Khloe Kardashian's Instagram?

On Nov. 28, Kardashian posted a video of herself and long-time bestie Malika Haqq playing Boxball from a company called Boxbollen, a game in which a ball on a string is attached to a band on your head and you punch it while the screen counts your points.

"Boxbollen is absolutely the best, it's so much fun, you don't wanna miss out," Kardashian said in the video.

She added, "This is a holiday must-have."

Many fans were surprised by the seemingly random ad on Kardashian's feed. Boxbollen has only 50,000 followers and some had never heard of the game before.

Kardashian's mom, Kris Jenner, commented, "Loveeeeeee this!!!!!!" while Haqq wrote, "Too damn fun!"

But fans weren't as impressed.

"Stop with the ads and speak on BALENCIAGA!!! YOURE SUPPOSED TO BE THE SISTER OF SUBSTANCE!!!!!!," one person said, referring to the designer fashion house's recent scandal surrounding their Spring 2023 camapaign.

Kardashian's sister Kim spoke out on her social media about the controversy, calling it "disturbing."

"I miss when you guys would actually only represent stuff you cared about . Lately it’s just been money grab after money grab," another said.

One fan simply put, "Immediately no."

"Girl how much did they pay you to do this," another fan questioned.

"And she wonders why she has migraines lmao," someone else joked, referencing Kardashian's migraine medication ads.

Kardashian's Instagram has been the home to an influx of ads recently, including her sister Kourtney's new line of melatonin supplements, Lemme, and an exercise equipment brand called Hydrow.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Kim was called out for her Beyond Meat ad, where she allegedly pretended to cook, according to Page Six.

A fan commented on Kim's post, "Why would they have Kim Kardashian doing that? Lol we all know she has a chef."

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