As we learned earlier this week, many people are upset over the new 'Dahmer' series on Netflix. Some people cannot get past the first episode, some say it's the heaviest thing they have watched, and some younger generations are just now learning who Jeffrey Dahmer is.

Well...people are calling for the apologies/cancellations of major artists for their lyrics referencing the disturbing serial killer.

I'm all for condemning Jeffrey and his heinous crimes. There's zero question about that in anyone's mind.

I don't think calling out music artists, who released these songs referencing Dahmer 10+ years ago, is the way to go. Dahmer committed these crimes in 1991. 30 years ago. In my opinion, the discussion on these songs and their content came and went a very long time ago.

There are thousands of references to serial killers across all genres of music. Katy and Kesha, in my opinion, have caught the brunt because their songs referencing Dahmer are the most popular and recent.

Here's the thing about the backlash though: all the curiosity that got millions watching Dahmer on Netflix is going to skyrocket these songs to the top of the charts because they want to go listen to the lyrics of the song.

Look, I'm all for the outrage that these people are finding after discovering Dahmer or finding out the stories of his victims...I don't think this retroactive anger is going to do much good or much of anything.

30 years, ya'll. If you want to show how upset you are with the series, you probably shouldn't have watched it because the families of the victims do not want to be traumatized instead of calling out songs that came out a decade ago.

Just sayin'.

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