The team at Good Day Sacramento took an internet thrashing over their disaster of an interview with Cara Delevingne, but the morning show crew at Rock 100.5 also proved there are plenty of gainfully-employed terrible interviewers working the press circuit. Two stars of the Fantastic Four reboot, Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara, recently fielded some dicey questions from two Atlanta disc jockeys in a now-viral video.

Radio (terrible) personality "Southside" Steve Rickman kicked things off by asking how Jordan's character, Human Torch Johnny Storm, can possibly be related to Susan Storm/the Invisible Woman, since they're different races. Jordan's casting was contested by a small-but-vocal group of comic book nerds, who can accept any reason for their heroes returning from the dead yet can't wrap their heads around a non-white incarnation of a character.

"Sue Storm was adopted," Mara answers.

"But from where I stand, your brother and sister. Am I missing something?" Rickman asks, and Jordan confirms that he's correct.

"Yeah're white and you're black," Rickman's co-host, Jason Bailey, says, pointing to the two actors. "How does that happen? the other one, it's just that they're brother and sister," Bailey continues, struggling to understand how a comic-book movie could retroactively alter a story line, despite the fact that this occurs in comics and their film adaptations all the time.

"They could be raised as brother and sister," Jordan offers. "I mean, there could be a whole bunch of different family dynamics without the obvious 'adoption' thing."  But the interviewers continue to grapple with this whole "two races, one family" thing, suggesting that the film should devote serious backstory time to this evidently unprecedented family drama.

After some questions over why they bothered to reboot the franchise ("I mean, how many Batmans have they made?" Mara responds), Rickman changes the subject to something every working actress can't wait to discuss: Her personal appearance.

"You're way hot. Why did you cut your hair?" Rickman asks, as Mara sarcastically apologizes for the fact that he doesn't like her new cut. "This is a great interview," she says in an aside to her FF co-stars.

"No, you look great with short hair or long hair, but the long hair was excellent," Rickman assures her, missing the point that she'd prefer to discuss the movie over whether this man does, or does not, enjoy her hairstyle. "So," he continues, "Did you cut your hair for this?"

"They asked me to [for a role]," Mara explains, trying to keep things light. "I'm an actress. I have to be a chameleon."

"So you could grow your hair back out?" Rickman asks a minute later, and even his co-host Bailey has to ask Mara if she finds Rickman's one-track mind creepy.

"I mean..." Mara says, as Rickman suddenly switches lanes entirely and gets even grosser: "I'm a toe guy. Your toes are fine."

"Wow!" Mara responds, as she exchanges shocked looks with Jordan and their co-star Jamie Bell. You can watch the whole cringefest below.

The hosts acknowledged the excessive amount of awkward in tweets later — but Rickman claims people are overreacting to his lame line of inquiry, saying, "They weren't sexist remarks really.. I love long hair and her's for sure.. She looked fine w/short too..just being me." Sure, he may not know how to properly use an apostrophe, but if Southside Steve says he's not offensive I guess he must be right!(??).

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