Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting punked us all a few weeks ago, posting a photo on Instagram that made it appear as though she had chopped her signature long blonde locks into a lob. Now, she has gone and done it for real, cutting her hair into a bob.

The earlier messy shag was creative handiwork of a stylist, we soon discovered, and it may have been her April Fool's Day joke, since her length remained intact. But the fact that KC-S had scissors next to hair made it feel real.

However, the 'Big Bang Theory' star actually committed to a shorter 'do, going more bob-like with a lighter shade. Perhaps that first "chop" photo was a test run and preparation for going shorter for real.

The newly-married star documented the process on Instagram.

Here she is with the shaggy lob version, which looks just like the photo she posted a few weeks back, 'cept for the fact that it's a few inches shorter.

Here is her hair with some time elapsed, looking all sleek and blown out. It's much more sophisticated and frames her lovely face. She seems happy with it, captioning it "Cut,color, joy, joy,joy !!!" That's certainly a sign of approval.

And this is another shot of the head-hugging 'do! It looks as though she went through with it and didn't fake us out. It's both chic and amaze on her and flatters her face shape. Let's hope that she doesn't do what a lot of stars do post-cut while experiencing short hair remorse and that's get extensions.

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