It's a battle of the brunettes! Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone, Harry Styles and James Maslow are all facing off for fans to decide which hottie rocks brown hair best. Which pop star gets your vote?

Justin Bieber's brunette locks have carried him all the way from the swoop to the more sophisticated shaved-sides-long-on-top look. His light brown, honey-tinted color matches perfectly with those soulful, chocolate eyes -- a combination that is sure to leave Beliebers swooning.

Austin Mahone's sandy hair is one of our favorite things about his style, especially considering it goes so well with his tan, sun-kissed skin. His locks are lusciously thick, the kind that Mahomies would kill to run their fingers through. We're also huge fans of his deep side part, which totally gives the 18-year-old singer an air of maturity and a slight hint of preppiness. Super cute!

Harry Styles has some of the darkest (and wildest!) hair of the bunch, and who knows how many secrets are hidden in that mane. But fortunately, the scent of it isn't one of them -- as One Direction's hair stylist revealed that Harry's chocolate locks smell like a "combination of the One Direction perfume, some Fudge Urban Raspberry [hair product], and Vanilla Hair Spray and tour catering." Yum!

James Maslow rocked his perfectly styled brown hair all over the ballroom on 'Dancing With the Stars,' and it only made us love him even more. James' hair is super straight, a little more buzzed on the side than Bieber's, but with the top long and gelled into some swoon-worthy spikes. It totally compliments the scruff he has going on on his chin and cheeks, giving him a more rugged, adult look. We love it!

Which pop star rocks brunette hair best? Vote for Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone, Harry Styles or James Maslow in the poll below!

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