In addition to breaking his silence about the attempted robbery accusation, Justin Bieber took to Twitter last night, May 14, to hint at a mind-blowing collaboration between him and Michael Jackson.

Posting an Access Hollywood interview with L.A. Reid, Bieber wrote:

In the interview, L.A. Reid discusses why they had to scrap plans for 'Slave 2 the Rhythm' -- the JB/MJ collab that first leaked online -- to appear on Jackson's posthumous release, 'Xscape.'

"Justin is my guy, you know I signed Justin. I feel a loyalty, and I feel like I should protect him," Reid said of his relationship with the Biebs.

“‘Slave 2 the Rhythm’ didn’t include [Bieber] per my direction. That was something done separate and apart from me, and it was leaked. If it hadn’t been leaked it would have been featured, but it sort of took the wrong turn,” Reid revealed. “But we’re going to revisit that. We’re gonna revisit that and do something special with Justin Bieber and Michael.”

Bieber has long been a fan of the King of Pop, emulating him in everything from his style to his dance moves. He even paid tribute to Jackson at the late singer's hand and footprint ceremony at Graumann's Chinese Theater in 2012.

"He meant so much to me," Bieber said at the time. "He was more than entertainer; he was an inspiration."

Check out what L.A. Reid has to say about the future of an JB/MJ collaboration below.

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