Justin Bieber might have just announced Hailey Baldwin is pregnant.

On Monday afternoon (April 1) the "Sorry" singer caused an internet meltdown after he shared an ultrasound photo on Instagram in an attempt to make us and the entire world believe that he and his new wife are expecting their first child together. But is the couple really having a baby? Is baby Biebs on his/her way!?

In a since-deleted comment, Baldwin wrote "Very funny..." which had us really convinced this was all one big April Fool's Day prank. But then, Bieber followed up the post with a series of photos—this time of Baldwin touching her stomach as she lies in a hospital bed with doctors all around her. "If U thought it was April fools," JB wrote.

Just last weekend, Bieber shared an emotional post about wanting to be a better husband and father, so perhaps this is what he was referring to? “I am now very focused on repairing some of the deep-rooted issues that I have as most of us have so that I don’t fall apart so that I can sustain my marriage and be the father I want to be. Music is very important to me but nothing comes before my family and my health," he wrote.

We'll just have to see how this plays out...stay tuned.

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