If you went to a small school, there is a good chance that you know everyone in your class. Maybe even everyone in the lower grades and brothers and sisters of other classmates. But imagine going to a school with 40,000 students in it. That is what you will see if you attended the largest school in the world.

A website called List25.com had a list of school fun facts that most people probably don't know. Such as 480,000 yellow buses carry 25 million kids to school every day in the United States and the unique waxy smell from crayons is actually the smell of beef fat.

But there is one that really caught my eye: the largest school in the word!

The City Montessori School in India is the largest in the world: 40,000 students from ages 5-17, 2,500 teachers, 3,000 computers, and 1,000 classrooms and they received the Guinness World Record for largest school in the world. Each classroom has 45 students in them.

According to the Guardian, teachers have assistants or “notebook checkers,” who have bachelor of education degrees, but lack higher qualifications. They help with grading, but also assist in monitoring students and answering questions during class time.

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