Jojo Siwa Was in Iowa

It is every person's dream to find the love of their life, have a beautiful wedding, and have a major internet celebrity sing a song at their reception. And it seems like everyone has discovered that Jojo Siwa has been making quite a few trips to Iowa recently.

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The YouTuber has been seen a few times in Iowa. She was recently spotted at a Dubuque, Iowa football game. Originally from Nebraska, Jojo has some familial connections in Iowa.

Another sighting has been reported, this time from her own cousin who lives in the Hawkeye State. In a video posted on Jojo Siwa's cousin's account shows the star celebrating her family member's wedding day.

The 22-year-old who goes by the username jaelynkayy on TikTok shared a video of her performing with Siwa at her reception. They are singing Jojo's song 'It's Time To Celebrate.'

Across the video there is text that reads;

"pov: jojo siwa is your cousin so she comes to the middle of nowhere iowa for your wedding and performs with your band."

You can watch two videos of the performance down below!

Jaelyn is also a singer and performs her own music on her social media channels.

Who is Jojo Siwa?

Jojo Siwa first stepped into the spotlight as a child dancer on the hit television show 'Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition' and 'Dance Moms.'

This nineteen-year-old is the face and name behind a multi-million dollar empire. You most definitely know her face and her iconic bows. She has multiple children's merchandise and clothing at major retailers like Target and Walmart.


Have I watched a few too many episodes of 'Dance Moms' and know all of the Jojo Siwa lore...maybe.

She quickly evolved into a popular YouTuber with content aimed at children.  If you were chronically online like I was anytime between 2018-2020, then you KNOW this girl is maybe the biggest internet celebrity of our time.

The teenager had an eventful year. She's gone out on a nationwide tour and became a fan favorite on 'Dancing With the Stars.' Siwa made waves on the program for being on the first same-sex team in the show's history.

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