If you want the job, make your resume stand out. But be very careful.

Yes, it better stand out because we have reports of nearly two thirds of employers only spending five minutes or less reviewing job resumes.

So while you are trying to make that piece of paper yell out to hire you, be very careful what you write.

With the assistance of Harris Poll, CareerBuilder.com surveyed more than 2000 full time U.S. hiring managers to find the biggest simple mistakes to outright lies found on resumes.

Top Ten Actual Resume Blunders:

  1. Applicant for a driver position claimed to have 10 years of experience but had only had a driver's license for four years.
  2. Applicant vying for a customer service position gave "didn't like dealing with angry customers" as the reason for leaving her last job.
  3. Applicant wrote "whorehouse" instead of "warehouse" when listing work history.
  4. Applicant's personal website linked to a porn site.
  5. User name of applicant's email address was "2poopy4mypants."
  6. Applicant claimed to be a Nobel Prize winner.
  7. Applicant claimed to have worked in a jail when he was really in there serving time.
  8. Applicant who claimed to be HVAC certified later asked the hiring manager what "HVAC" meant.
  9. Applicant claimed to have attended a college that didn't exist.
  10. Applicant introduced himself [in the cover letter] by saying "Hey you."

Sources: CareerBuilder.com , Radio Online

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