Put the razor down! Women are encouraged to let body hair grow out for a month in honor of Januhairy.

Men have No Shave November and the beards are looking strong through the winter season.

Some women are not fans of the beards coming in this heavy, but they put up with the holiday as long as they know the beard is leaving after the holiday.

Well now we have one calling for the ladies to retire the razors for a month and take a month off from shaving.


Living in the Midwest there are plenty of reasons to take the winter seasons off from shaving.

I found this in a story from Buzz Feed:

Women are taking this as an opportunity to accept themselves for exactly who they are.

For the entire Buzz Feed story click here.

If this sounds like a holiday worth celebrating you are already a few days behind so step away from the shavers and creams immediately. Have a happy and hairy Januhairy!

Sources: BuzzFeed

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