The field of candidates who want to be Mayor of Sioux Falls increased by one on Monday as Greg Jamison made his official announcement.

Currently Jamison holds office in the South Dakota Legislature and was previously elected to two terms on the Sioux Falls City Council. In launching his bid for Mayor, it comes days after the release of settlement details involving the siding on the Premier Center.

When it comes to transparency, Jamison told KSOO News he would err on the side of keeping the public informed.

“The first test you should probably ask yourself is, “Is it really worth trying to keep it secret because of the value that the public puts in government and the trust they instill in you. While it may possibly save you some money, it generally isn’t worth the end (result). You’ve expended some of your capital and the public doesn’t trust you as much.”

Jamison also acknowledged the line of distinction between handling affairs in the public and private sectors.

“Here’s the other test. When you’re dealing with money, you and I make our own little deal. I don’t have to tell anybody what I paid for that or (explain) what I did. When it’s the public’s money, you have to go way over the edge to (reveal) exactly what we did with your money. That’s so you can avoid any dark light on this subject.”

One of the reasons why Jamison waited so long to make his candidacy official was to not run into a conflict while serving on jury duty earlier this year.

The other announced candidates for Sioux Falls Mayor are Jim Entenmen, Kenny Anderson, Jr., David Zokaites, Nick Weiland, Michael Gunn, Paul Ten Haken and Jolene Loetscher.

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