It's always cool when we get to see local bands grow and take the next step in their musical career.  We've seen it here in the Quad Cities with local bands like Alborn, Eugene Levy, and High Five Sinners being able to play in front of thousands at the Mississippi Valley Fair.  Or when we watch our local bands take the stage at huge festivals.

We've also seen local bands go on nationwide tours.  But now, one of Quad Cities' own will be crossing the pond to tour in Europe!

St. October Heading To Europe

St. October
St. October

The Dark Metal band St. October will be taking a trip across the pond to The United Kingdom from late September to early October to rock many venues in Britain.

St. October is made up of Monica Leibert on Vocals, Sid Summerson on Bass, Joseph Pement on drums, & Dusten Leibert on Guitar and Vocals.

This is St. October's first tour and accompanying them will be Britain's very own Secreum. Secreum is a UK-based Death Metal band that has been thriving and taking the scene by storm as of late.

The pairing of St. October and Secreum is set to take place in cities such as London, Guildford, Kent, Cardiff, Manchester, Nottingham, & Birmingham.

One of the venues will be hitting the Cart & Horses. This legendary venue is known as the birthplace of Iron Maiden.

Help Out Quad Cities Own St. October

St. October
St. October

On top of making their first tour a voyage overseas St. October will be the first international band ever to play Kent/Gravelands very own, Sarcoma Fest.

To kick off the tour St. October will be releasing a few brand new singles that will debut exclusively as a first listen/look into the band's new theatrical direction. Secreum currently has their own catalog of hard-hitting tunes including the New EP "Voice of Reason" found on all streaming platforms.

While this is a huge opportunity for St. October, it's also going to be pricy to travel and perform in Europe.  So the band has also set up a GoFundMe. If you're feeling generous and would like to support Quad Cities own St. October you can help out with their Go Fund Me page.  And of course, anywhere you see them over the summer get out and see them and buy some merch to help another awesome Quad Cities band take the next step in their rock star life!

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